Seek first to impact one’s heart, and when you do,

they will graciously grant you their ear

Free VIRTUAL Mentoring

*for youth ages 10-17*

A true CHAMPION in your corner

Foggy Mountains

Free membership for all youth ages 10-17

White Branch

Individually tailored success plans for all youth


Over 15 years of experience working with youth in a large variety of capacities

White Branch

Mentorship without the hassle of driving to and from a location

Foggy Mountains

The safest way to protect the sanctity of the mentor and mentee relationship






can be heard by the deaf

seen by the blind

and spoken by the mute


Research has proven that positive relationships are instrumental in young people's growth, learning and thriving.


A true mentor must: show they care, build trust, actually listen, believe in the youth, encourage and uplift, enjoy the relationship, establish accountability, point them toward greatness, spark growth, provide support, advocate on their behalf,  set healthy boundaries, allow the youth to come to their own non-forced decisions, never discredit their feelings, attempt to see things from their point of view, inspire a healthier perspective on their future, be flexible with the approach to the specific youth’s development, be vulnerable about one’s own journey, teach how to problem solve, and model all of this for the mentee through their own life.

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Why Us

Every youth deserves a Champion in their corner


Our experience working with youth is not limited to one particular field but a vast array


Virtual mentoring is a safer option and has the capacity of reaching anyone


We utilize many different forms of communication: phone, text, email, FaceTime, Zoom, and Instagram messaging


Each mentee is unique, and we treat them as such, creating individualized success plans tailored to their specific needs


All will receive personalized, heartfelt mentoring from a Champion mentor who truly cares


We do not dictate one's journey, but instead walk alongside one on their journey

The Key

Non-rushed progression is the key. Get to know the youth, build rapport and trust, be fully present, affirm their identity, reshape negative perspectives, encourage continual growth, and invest in their future.

Social-emotional strength is vital for a healthy young person.

Trauma is difficult to face and overcome, but a youth with a Champion mentor in their corner can thrive through such.

A youth can never have too many positive influences in their life. A Champion mentor does not take the place nor supersede any others, but helps amplify all other positive relationships the youth has in their circle.

Our Focus

Positive and safe youth development

No exposure to unhealthy discussion or content

Quality assurance monitoring ensuring proper interaction 

between mentor and mentee at all times

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Core Values







Genuine Passion



Ease of approach in building initial rapport

Regular encouragement

Motivation and inspiration

Social skills refinement

Accountability establishment

Personal goal setting

Create an individually tailored, success plan

Shift unhealthy mindsets

Teach the recognition of small wins in everyday life



Not bound by specific location or schedule restrictions


Available for all youth between the ages of 10-17 years old


Help with anxiety, depression, social bullying, loneliness, anger, identity crisis, laziness, impulse control, etc


Positive role modelling demonstrating how to intentionally live a life of purpose and passion


Our team of experts have over fifteen years of experience 

impacting the lives of youth in all kinds of capacities.

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We understand that many are suffering tough times, and for that reason we are providing our mentorship completely FREE of charge. If you are in a stable financial position, consider making a donation to help us continue serving our youth.


FREE to join!

Please take a couple, quick minutes to complete the 

application process. Our team greatly looks forward to serving you.

Notebook and Pencil

Looking forward to bigger and better things. Thanks.

-Mario M.

THANK YOU SO MUCH! I really appreciate your encouragement :-)

-Yadira C.

Justin really helped me get through. Always keeping me going.

-Robert M.

Your'e the one that kept my son going. He told me that you're the only one that has helped him. Thank you for everything you have done for my son.

-Amy S.

My favorite part was being able to work with Justin. I can't say a bad word about him. It was always- you got this. You can do this. We're gonna get through this together. I know you are going through a lot, but we're gonna make it through this. You're gonna graduate, and I'm gonna see you walk across that stage.

-Sarah F.

You're the only reason I stayed in school honestly thank you for all the help and dealing with me at times lol

-Dennis S.

I felt like crap and was really down on myself before my mentor.

-Shayna B.

Thank you for everything Mr. Perata! (:

-Renee R.

I couldn't be where I am today without you. Thank you so so so much.

-Sierra G.

Thank you sooo much Justin, this year has been about overcoming obstacles and you've helped me with some major ones and I appreciate it 100 times over!

-Samuel O.

Hey Justin just wanted to say thank you for the help for the last few months helping me out and going out of your way for me I really appreciate it thank you!

-Gabriel N.