Don't spend your life striving to be a hero in the world's eyes

Spend your life sacrificing to be a hero in one's eyes


A mentor who genuinely takes interest in the life and well-being of the youth

Forest Trees

Judgement Free

Absolutely no judging will take place, only coaching and developing will occur


A full-time expert attending to each mentee, not an inexperienced volunteer

Forest Trees


A safe adult in the youth's 

corner who can validate their identity and worth

We Create Individually Tailored Success Plans For Every Youth


Justin Perata

Founder | Champion Mentor

Mr. Perata has over fifteen years of experience working directly with youth in a variety of capacities: mentoring, counseling, coaching, ministry, outreach, non-profit, online education, inner city, at risk, school dropout recovery, etc. He has helped youth with their battles against social anxieties, bullying, depression, learning disabilities, and so many other challenging obstacles. Mr. Perata prides himself on being a social justice warrior, philanthropist, human rights activist, youth advocate, community volunteer, and an aspiring author.

Champion Hearts Youth Mentoring was founded on the belief that every youth needs a Champion in their corner, fighting for their internal well-being. Mr. Perata believes that an individualized approach is the only effective way to properly care for the needs of a young life.

Many are those who want to share in the victory, yet are unwilling to partner in the pains of the journey

*Our team is trained in trauma informed care, has fingerprint and background clearances, respects the sanctity of the mentor/mentee relationship, and is here to serve you and your loved ones.

*We fight for our youth, doing whatever it takes to support their internal well-being. 

Our Mission: to establish purpose and value in every young life we have the privilege of encountering


Champion Hearts Youth Mentoring


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