Even the young can become exhausted and lose their way, but there is hope of a renewed strength and determination for all



My darling. You are beautiful, for beauty flows through the broken. Bruises mean that you are healing. Your strength flourishes with your markings. The past is fixed in place, but the future is a canvas painted by the here and now. Choose today what you want to think, say, and do. Choose today to not allow your bruises to be bondage, but instead to be beauty. Choose today what you want your canvas to look like going forward. Internal perspective does not change external circumstance, but it does change the way you view it. Your heart’s reaction is what dictates your ability to live freely or stay bound. Be free. Be YOU, for you are beautifully broken.


Pain is pain

People often want to categorize pain. However, the reality is that pain is pain; hurt is hurt. When it’s your world, it seems like nothing could be worse. And that’s the truth. Nothing in your world hurts more than your current pain. Don’t get caught up in comparing with another’s problems or allowing someone tell you that what you are going through is irrelevant. Your world is just as valuable as anyone's, so your pain is also just as important and impactful. Sympathize with each other. Carry each other’s burdens. People need to be heard, not told that things could be worse. Don’t ever downplay another’s world, another’s pain. For pain is pain; hurt is hurt.



My darling. The path of life is not an easy one, but it is beautiful blessing. Choose to live in such a way that honors this gift. Be about others, and you will never regret the way you have chosen to live your life. Beloved, allow your character to flourish and be the definition of who you are. Yes it is true that your character determines your actions, but it is your reactions to life's circumstance that determines your character. Embrace your circumstances for what they are, and respond properly to such. You are beautiful. You are loved. You are enough.



It is easy to be caught up in a desire for something more in life. Oftentimes the world tells us to look or live a certain way in order to attain acceptance. We are pushed to a place of consumption. We consume ourselves with other’s lives, even if they are fictitious. Then we try to emulate such, creating an alternate reality of our own that we also present to this world. It is all a facade and cannot be upheld forever. Searching to fill your void by dreaming of a new reality is not healthy. It only leaves you emptier and more desperate for acceptance, because you now have to keep consuming until the point of utter exhaustion. Your life does not have to be perfect or look perfect. Be you. For YOU are perfect. 

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